Staff Directory

Time Savers Services Corp:


President: John Gugliotta x 212

CFO: Paul McKenney x 202

General Manager/Senior Estimator : Todd Millet x 205, cell: 508.726.2316

Estimator/Project Manager: Judi Gagne x 203, cell: 508.617.1133

Branch Manager/Business Development (Framingham Office): Ryan Kelly x 200, cell: 508.688.4595

Quality Control/ Business Development (Framingham Office): Frank Martorano x 207, cell: 508.231.7045

Quality Control Manager: Jenn Jordan X214, cell: 508.851.4529

Office Administrator: Nicole Boragine x 211

Human Resources Manager / Recruiter: Laura Crowell x 206, cell: 508.424.8889

Warehouse Manager: Chris Levierge x 209

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